Niel Justin with Councilor Matthy Viterbo

“Eye-Opener – is the word I will use to describe the five days I spent as part of the Rotary Club of Roxas Boys and Girls Week. It was an amazing experience to be able to see firsthand how the Government runs the city. Knowing the projects of the government and the duties of our respective counterparts has helped clear the misconception created by the public. It has shown me that there is much to learn and as the heirs of this world, this city, we the youth must read more about our history. We, as the future of the city must forsake ignorance and start being aware on how our city and country is run. Being part of the Boys and Girls Week has allowed me to developed myself as a leader, meet new friends, learn new things, hold an SP Session and create unforgettable memories that I will always treasure.” –  Niel Justin D. Fincale, Hercor College (4th Girl Councilor/Counterpart – Coun. Matthew James Veterbo)

“Yes, at first I felt nervous because of the reason that, what if I fail? What if I make wrong decisions? But by the help of our Vice Mayor Erwin Sicad, it became easy. About the exams it gave me headaches and pressure. Then I was amazed when they said, we were all got qualified. But it made me more nervous again because of the panel interview. But after the result, I became the boy Vice Mayor. In the Leadership Seminar, we learned how to become a true leader and what a true leader is. Also, during the SP Session it was really amazing to sit as the boy Vice Mayor and doing the plenary session in parliamentary procedure. It was really an amazing experience.” – Louel Lee Agpalo, Hercor College  (Boy Vice Mayor of the Boys and Girls Week 2016)

Danica with Councilor Powell Del Rosario

“My Rotary Boys and Girls Week experience was the most unforgettable. I met new people and new friends.  I also learned how hard it is to be sitting in the Government office. It made me realized to carefully chose the career I would like to take. Sitting at the SP Session for a week inspired me to do good as a Filipino to my fellowmen. It inspired me to help contribute and make a difference. I also met people who played a significant role in our city. This experience will serve as a motivation for me to study well, strive harder and become successful, someday. The week long that we spent at the City Hall is something that I will always cherish in my life. All the knowledge and inputs that I gained will surely be put into good use.” – Ma. Sheena Danica D. Bonites, Hercor College (1st Girl City Councilor/Atty. Powell Del Rosario)

Sem Rainard Distor as boy 6th City Councilor

A week of blissful experience – 5 days in a councilor’s office. An Awesome experience I can tell. It was really thrilling and in the same way I was also edgy of what will happen next. Sitting at my counterpart’s chair is extremely relaxing and in the same instance it gave me chills. That same week, the city government gave us many perks and trained us not to be good in single thing but to be excellent in many terms of service, especially in leadership. This experience will be a bridge to our youth’s celebration for a bright future of Roxas City. Peace in Christ!” – Sem. Rainard Distor, St. Pius X Seminary/6th City Councilor