(October 12, 2016 at Rotary Club of Roxas Center)

Governor Ronnie Gabalda during his presentation (RY 2016-2017)

The Rotary Governor’s visit is a protocol and is vitally important for any Rotary clubs in the district. It is where we learn about other developments in the International scene and also our progress as a club in particular. Any Rotary Governor would share their valuable energy and resources to reach out to each of the club in his district. We believe it is important that his presence is felt and we take time to listen to what he is to say, whether it is a good or bad news. All of it we consider as positive observation where each Rotarian and the club as a whole will learn to maturely grow and developed (meetings, membership, contribution to TRF, etc). He also sees to it that his visit is quality (engaging and participative) and therefore, the club president would ask all members (old and new) to be present and show support. The Governor’s visit is one important undertaking he should do as he is called to serve in that position; while members of the club would commit their time and resources to make his visit, surely productive and successful.

Singing “Welcome Governor”

Significantly, the purpose of the visit:

  1. To allow the District to communicate directly with all Rotarians in our district.
  2. To listen to the Club Leadership and gain better understanding of their club.
  3. To provide helpful and friendly advice to club officers about the district and the Rotary International.
  4. To serve as catalyst to help strengthen the programs of Rotary.
  5. To meet the requirements that Rotary International sets for serving in the office of District Governor.
Visiting community projects (CRAAHS and RCSPC)

Additionally, the Assistant Governor for the area will work with the club leadership to confirm the meeting and accommodation arrangements is mutually agreed upon, and he plays an important role as advisor and liaison to the Governor. The District Governor is an important guest of the club when making an official visit. All important communications or special plans we have for the Governor, we surely make sure it fits in his other plans, too.

Pres. Jo Mosquete awarded with TRF pin

Governor Ronnie Gabalda had surely fun viewing our community Rotary projects. He said, “Pres. Jo has the best presentation among all the 46 clubs I visited.” 

His visit is a very special occasion and opportunity for potential members to learn more about Rotary. He encourages members to be more active in their contribution to The Rotary Foundation and to update necessary information/details in the Rotary portal. He made sure also that he would give better suggestions and encouragement on how to make the project more presentable to the community and to the Global Grants (GG) partners around the world. The All Star-TEAM club president on the other hand, Pres. Jocelyn Mosquete presented and shared well the vision, programs and recent progress of the club. Majority of the members were present.

Thank you Governor Ronnie for visiting……onwards Rotary Serving Humanity!

We see to it that at the end of the day, we remember The 4-Way Test.

“The vibrant club of leaders in Capiz closely knit by friendship rendering excellent community service.” – RC Roxas Vision

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