Pledges to TRF 100 Years – Sec. Kathleen Arce

RY 2016-2017 District All Star TEAM officers (PP Megs, PDG Mark and Pres. Jo)

Welcome Governor Ronnie Gabalda

Pledge to TRF 100 Years (Pin)

Rtn Edgar Cenar and Club Admin Sec Rowena

Gov. Ronnie presentation of the club status

Rotary at Work (PP/District Secretary Michael “Kano” Ng with Pres Jo and  AG Mark Renier Catahay

All ears – PDG Mark Ortiz, PP Reubin Yap annd Rtn. Helen Jeong

Meeting of great minds!

PP Pip, Rtn. Tonette and PP Butch exchanging ideas!

Pledge to TRF 100 Years (pin)

Photos courtesy of PP SannyRav