(l to r) Outgoing Pres. Mark, GF Elyza and PP Megs Lunn

VALEDICTORY ADDRESS OF OUTGOING PRES. MARK RENIER CATAHAY * (53rd Induction Ceremony, July 16, 2016 @ Lakehouse, San Antonio Resort, Roxas City, Capiz)

Good evening everyone.

I’d like to personally thank those members who stayed active during our weekly meetings and projects.

PDG Mark, thank you for shaping our club to be a better one. As the club trainor, your performance was way beyond perfect. You are the person behind all our global grant projects for three public schools amouting to Php15M. You really left a deep footprint to our club’s history.

PP Pip, thank you for making sure that our club meets our goals for our contribution to TRF. Because of your encouragement, we donated more than $5000. That’s another record breaking in our club’s history.

Rtn. Cristy, thank you for being the other of our first Rotaract Club, the Rotaract Club of Hercor College, and for being excessively generous when the club needs your help.

(l to r) PP Mel, Pres. Jo, PDG Mark, Rtn. Rommel, Elyza,
AG Mark Renier, PP Megs and PP Pip

PP Butch, thank you for accepting your vocation as the caretaker of our funds and financial documents. It shows how trustworthy you are.

PP Mel, though you are too busy as the chairman of a new hospital, you proved that your support and service to our club never declined. Thank you for that!

PP Sanny, thank you for always capturing vital moments of our club through your pictures. For sure, it will outlive us all.

PP Mariz, thank you for being the mother of our club. Not to mention, the food you voluntarily bring during our club meetings are the best.

PP Megs, thank you for being our bridge to most of our sister clubs. Thank you also for regularly updating the website of our club. Those are just some of the jobs you did for Rotary. The list goes eternally.

Pres. Jo, thank you for having the courage and will to take over the leadership of this club. I’m certain you will never fail us.

Fellowship night after the Induction Ceremonies…
fun, fun, fun with Sen. Riza Hontiveros singing
Top of the World

Rtn. Philip and Rtn Rey Alovera, thank you for starting as volunteers of this club. Three years ago, they volunteered to help in the distribution and delivery of goods for Yolanda victims. Now, you are proud members of this club. Thank you for your dedication.

Rtn. Rey Dela Cruz and Rtn. Tony Marty, thank you for always making yourself free whenever we have events like this. We have no choice; you both have the best talents and voice for hosting.

Rtn. Kathleen, thank you for taking the place of the late PP Toto Arce in our club. Through you, he will always be with this club.

Rtn. Rexam, thank you for your support especially as a spokesman on the media for the club.

Rowena, thank you for your unconditional support and dedication to this club. You are a true example of service above self.

….and more fun …

And lastly, Elyza, though you are not yet a member of this club, the support and service you gave is incomparable. Thank you for helping me organize the last district assembly, thank you for checking and correcting all my speeches before I share them to the world, thank you for helping me on the printing of the club’s weekly publication, the Patiyog, thank you for teaching me important values of leadership and time management. And thank you for considering sharing your lovely voice tonight though we left you only two days of practice.

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. Those were the best two years of my life. Thank you that opportunity.

*Mark is now the youngest Assistant Governor of D3850